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Milestones in the history of 4POS

What began in 2002 as a collaboration between four European distributors is a success story today.


2002: Four European distributors initiate their cooperation.
2007: They engineer their first POS system.
2009: 4POS AG is formally founded.
2009: Rolf Thomann is appointed CEO of 4POS AG.
2012: EyePOS is launched on the market. Unique in design and technology.
2013: WidePOS has been introduced into the market. World’s first premium All-In-One POS terminal in 16:9 wide screen form factor.
2014: More than 85 000 systems already installed throughout all of Europe.
2015: KeyPOS launched. This POS system flexibly adapts itself to the environment due to its hybrid integrated-modular concept, almost like a chameleon.
2015: The Quality Management System of 4POS AG has been successfully recertified according ISO 9001:2008.
2016: SkyPOS launched.
2016: Over 100'000 systems installed throughout Europe.
2017: Huge booth with partners at the EuroShop trade fair showing customer reference cases.
2018: Presentation of the EveryPLACE Self-Checkout system and launch of the Pure product family.
2018: The Quality Management System of 4POS AG has been successfully certified according ISO 9001:2015.
2019: Launch of the SmartGATE Self-Checkout & Kiosk product family.
2019: Rollout of PPC-4000 SkyBOX and POS-213 PurePOS based POS systems at several pan-European retailers.
2020: Presentation of the SCO-400, SCO-410, SCO-500 and SCO-600 models of the SmartGATE Self-Checkout & Kiosk produkt family at the EuroShop.
2021: Introduction of the POS-222 PurePOS GT (21.5" AIO PC).
2022: 20th anniversary coming up!

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