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4POS – turning visions into reality

4POS embodies Swiss quality in the design and development of POS systems and other POS solutions. But we take the highest standards even further. We go the extra mile to ensure that you get exactly what you need – long-term and lasting. In doing so, 4POS sets new standards in rollout and service, warranty, sustainability and partner networks.

New standards in rollout and service

For us, this means you decide what service you need, and we put together the right package for you.

  • European network for rollout and on-site service (worldwide in progress) 
  • Customised service solutions (second-level support, component-specific SLAs, SWAP, repair, spare parts service) to ensure optimal TCO.
  • Centralised coordination
  • Fiscalisation topics

New standards in warranties / guarantees

For you, this means that guarantees can be extended exactly the way you want.

  • 24-month standard guarantee
  • Can be extended to 60 months, on request

New standards in sustainability

Our products typically have a life cycle of at least 5 years. And thereafter? We will also find an optimal solution for you when your POS systems need to remain in use. We provide you with replacement parts for at least 5 more years.

New standards in partnerships / networks

We work together with a global network of best partners and have international distributors selling 4POS products. Naturally, our head office is on hand at all times to assist you and offer advice when necessary. Futhermore, we are able to work together with the top brands in peripherals. Our technology partners

Any questions? Give us a call (+41 41 766 27 47), send us an  or fill out our contact form.

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