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Integrated POS systems

Integrated POS systems – the all-in-one solution

The highly integrated and compact touchscreen POS terminals from 4POS are perfect all-in-one systems. The computer is integrated into the display. This minimises the footprint and makes sure that only one power supply is needed. All this together with a well-conceived interface and cable management ensures a tidy checkout zone. With their elegant and stylish design, the systems are convincing, also due to their low power consumption. The integrated POS solutions are available in many different combinations.

POS-2xx PurePOS series

POS-3x0 Eco series

POS-4x0 SkyPOS series

POS-5x0 EyePOS series

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POS-5x0 WidePOS series

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POS-5x0 KeyPOS series

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