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“4POS even goes so far as to develop tailor-made products together with the customer. 4POS exemplifies the essence of our brand - trust. Innovative strength. Future stability – at the highest level.”
Tanja Geiermann, Head of Distribution Marketing, Lauer Fischer Apotheken Service GmbH

For over 6 decades LAUER-FISCHER has been synonymous with integral competence for pharmacies. The LAUER-TAXE®, considered the standard reference for pharmaceutical information still today, was the first milestone in the history of innovations which have consistently changed the face of the pharmacy and set new standards. With its 14 branch offices, LAUER-FISCHER guarantees market proximity and thus reliable service quality. As a result, it has established a foundation of trust among pharmacists over generations. A trust combined with optimal prospects, because choosing the comprehensive knowledge of all pharmacy processes and the practice-oriented innovative strength provided by LAUER-FISCHER software products makes for a sound investment in a sustainable future. More than 4,000 LAUER-FISCHER customers belong to CompuGroup Medical. And because they have access to the world’s most modern e-health technologies, they are ideally equipped for the ever-increasingly networked health care system in the future.

More at LAUER-FISCHER.de or CGM.com.

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